Shiv Parvati Mohini Mantra

This is an all powerful and Pure Shiva – Parvati Mohini Mantra to attract any powerful and influential man or woman.  This is not a Love Vashikaran, Akarshan or Mohini Mantra, but a Mohini Mantra to enchant a powerful personality for any other kind of work, personal or professional. Given below is the Tantra for practicing the experiment.

This Mohini Mantra Prayog has to be performed on 21 consecutive Saturday, in order to Master the Mantra.

The practitioner has to  place some fruits, flowers and light a couple of Agarbattis and a Diya of Pure Ghee before an idol or photograph of Parvati Mata and then chant the Mohini Mantra given below 121 times, using a Rudraksha Mala.

श्री शिव पार्वती वशीकरण मंत्र इन हिंदी एंड इंग्लिश 
Shri Shiv Parvati Vashikaran Mantra in Hindi and English
An enchantment spell invoking the Hindu Deities Shiva and Parvati
Shiv Parvati Mohini Mantra

Then after the completion of the 21 Saturdays Sadhana, for actual use he has to prepare a Tilak of the paste of Kumkum, Sandalwood Powder, and Gorochana by mixing it in unboiled Cow Milk.

Then he has to apply this paste as a Tilak on his forehead and straight away go to meet the influential person. The Mohini Tantra says that the person will come under an enchantment spell.

Then whenever he wished to perform the experiment, he has to perform the same Sadhana, described above once by chanting the Mohini Mantra 121 times and applying the Tilak on his forehead.

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  1. Hi Neel,
    A little confusion about last paragraph here.
    "then whenever he wishes to perform the experiment, he has to perform the same sadhna described above once by chanting Mantra 121 times and applying Tilak on his forehead"

    Here, the line "...he has to perform same sadhna described above once..... " = Does it mean - Have to do it all over 21 Saturdays?

    Or only last part= chanting 121 times and make Tilak?

    Basically, what I am trying to ask is ,
    Once we finish 21 Saturdays chanting 121 times- one gets siddhi...
    and do Tilak and meet the person etc..

    Then for example, if one wants to use it for another person whose work we admire and want to work with= Now, Do we need to go thru that 21 Saturdays again? and wait until 21 Saturdays finished and then use Tilak.

    Or without doing those 21 Saturdays again, one can go ahead with 121 chantings and Tilak preparation for another person.

    Please confirm, One needs to take break during periods while counting those 21 Saturdays....??

    I would appreciate this clarification..
    Best wishes.

    1. The 21 days Vashikaran Experiment is in order to Master or gain Siddhi over the Mantra. This Sadhana has to be done for 21 consecutive days without taking a break.
      Then to use it he has to prepare the Tilak, apply it as described in the post and chant the Mohini Mantra 121 times.


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