The True Meaning of Nirvana

Some of the most common advise given to the seekers of Nirvana, Enlightenment, Samadhi, Kundalini Awakening or the Advaita or Non- Dualistic path of life are-
Stop thinking, the moment you stop thinking, you find God.
The mind must be still and silent, the voice of God echoes in a silent mind.
Negate everything, everything is unreal, it is only Maya. When you renounce everything, there remains nothing and that nothing is God.
Remove the Me or I am from your thoughts and you will find God.

All greats words of wisdom, but how does one, enter the real world of Adi Shankara and Sant Gyaneshwar.  How can the observer become what he is observing, the end goal of all the paths to reach enlightenment? So, what is the true meaning of Nirvana?

The moment the observer or the Me comes into being, the meditation becomes useless. People may become momentarily lost in meditation, but this state does not last.

Is Nirvana, as someone, described it, the big bang at the end of a chain reaction or systematically process to reach a higher state of existence?

The urge to become enlightened or enter the state of Nirvana is the stirring and the churning going on in the consciousness for a better and higher state of existence. The urge manifests in those unsatisfied with the limitations of their human bodies.  It is the call of the evolutionary process to strive for a higher state. Those who have studies the history of evolution of species, including that of humans, will know the man is not the final product of the evolutionary chain.

Once this urge to evolve enters the consciousness, there is no escape, the evolutionary process, to enter the next state has commenced, and it cannot be stopped. As stated before on this site, we all live inside the thing, the thing lives inside us, so are we not the thing? The thing is in a continuous state of evolution.

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