Home Remedy for Overall Good Health

A simple home remedy for improving overall good health and vitality within 30 days is given in this post. This home remedy purifies and increases the quantity of blood in the body, removes any eye defects and cleans the stomach of impurities. The home remedy, which uses the popular Indian Ayurveda Herb, Haritaki, is useful for those people who have a low appetite to increase their appetite.

Terminalia chebula, Black Myrobalan or Chebulic Myrobalan known in Hindi as Haritaki, is an important healing herb in Ayurveda and traditional Indian Medicine. A lot of specific diseases and ailments, including digestion and stomach related ones and those relating to the eyes are treated using the parts of the Haritaki tree.

Haritaki fruit is available in three stages, ripe, half-ripe and raw. One has to take the Chambhari or Aangari [Hirda] Haritaki; this is a Haritaki fruit, which has not yet matured fully, in order to practice this particular home remedy.

A Chambhari Haritaki fruit has to be kept immersed in a utensil of clean drinking water overnight. In the morning, the Haritaki fruit has to be removed and the water should be consumed slowly. It is recommended that One Haritaki fruit should be used for seven days and then replaced by another fruit.

Note- Article has been written only as a part of giving information about traditional Indian remedies and not to advocate it use. Kindly consult your physician before trying out any of these home remedies.

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