Karz Mukti Yantra Upay

Karz Mukti, क़र्ज़ मुक्ति, meaning freedom from debts, is something, which most people suffering from the unbearable burden of debts dream about. They hope for divine intervention to free them from this burden. The closest thing one can do is to offer them some rare and special paranormal Indian remedies for resolving this problem, the Yantra being published in this post being one such paranormal Hindu remedy.

This Debts resolution Yantra is a simple numerological combination of numbers, which have to be  drawn on a piece of white paper on either a Monday or Tuesday. The practitioner has to have a bath in the morning, wear clean white colored clothes, sit facing the Eastern Direction and then draw the Yantra on the white paper with a pointed stick of the Pomegranate Tree, with any kind of red ink.

Once the Yantra has been drawn as shown in the image, the practitioner should light a Lamp of Pure Ghee [Pure Clarified Butter] and an incense stick in front of the Yantra.

After this, he should carefully fold the Yantra and wrap it in a clean piece of cloth and keep it is his pocket, like a lucky talisman. It is said that this resolves the debts problem and some unexpected help comes forward to the aid of the practitioner.

Karz Mukti Yantra Upaya Spell
Karz Mukti Yantra 

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  1. Sir, it is not mentioned as of what colour the cloth should be. ( 2) instead of pocket, can it be placed in wallet or puja place.

    1. The cloth can be of any color,
      The Yantra can be kept in the wallet, which is in the pocket and not the Puja-Place,


  3. Replies
    1. Yes, that is how this Yantra should be prepared.

  4. sir, i am unable to get pomegranate stick in usa. please suggest what else can i use to write the yantra.


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