Healing by Indian Classical Notes

It is a known fact that sound vibrations affect the physical body and more specifically specific kinds of sound waves affect specific body parts.   In fact this is the very science which governs certain Hindu Mantra, like the Health and Brain function enhancing Mantras, many of which are being published on this site our the past seven years on a regular basis.

Likewise, apart from Hindu Mantras, Indian Classical Music is also believed to affect individual body parts and the Ragas or specific set of musical notes are said to work wonders in enhancing specific physical functions.  There is a whole list of diseases and ailments, which are believed to be cured by listening or singing specific Hindustani Classical Music Ragas.

 In this post, I have written about some Classical Ragas and how these healing musical notes are said to enhance the functioning of the physical or material body. The Raagas and the disease relieving qualities attributed to them can be of great use in getting relief from some common everyday ailment and body conditions, faced by most people in their day-to-day life.

Raaga Darbari is said to enhance the circulation of blood in the brain and to remove any diseases and ailment, which affect the normal functions of the brain.

Raga Asavari is believed to give relief from headaches and migraine. If used effectively it is said to cure even chronic migraine.

Raaga Bhairavi if sung every morning is said remove fever, it is also considered to be cough destroyer and is effective in removing cough from the body.

Raga Kedar is believed to be useful in relieving the singer of insomnia and sleep disorders.

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