Money Attracting Tip with Bagua Mirror

A simple Money Attraction Totke can be practiced using the Octagonal Mirror, also known as the Bagua Mirror, a special kind of Mirror having eight sides or edges.  The Bagua Mirror has always had a special place in Feng Shui and is usually used to deflect negative, dead and harmful energies from its surroundings.  This Mirror can as mentioned above also be used in a Money Attraction Tip, which is explained in this post.

The Bagua Money Attraction Remedy - A new Green Colored Cloth should be spread in the place when Money is kept; this place can be the cupboard, safe or even the cash counter in a shop or business establishment.  Then a Bagua Mirror should be place over this Green Cloth and the money in the cupboard should be kept over the Bagua Mirror.

This Feng Shui remedy is said to ensure that there are no sudden cash shortages and there is always sufficient cash in hand for the household or the business establishment.

Important Note regarding Bagua Mirror- It is essential to use a genuine correctly prepared Bagua Mirror and not a poorly made or defective piece. Some practitioners of Feng Shui advise caution while using the Bagua Mirror inside the home or business premises and advocate the services of an expert for this purpose.

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  1. Should it be concave or convex bagua mirror and which direction should it point to ?

    1. The Bagua mirror should be positioned outside the house on the main door or above it, concave mirror absorbs and convex mirror deflects the bad vibrations.

  2. Please advice whether concave or convex bahut mirror is to used for this totka, & as per statement it is to be placed on green cloth in cash box ,kindly confirm as any wrong implementation may give negative vibrations

    1. A flat Bagua Mirror does not give harmful side-effect and can be used for this purpose as it clears negative energy from circulating in this place.


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