Vastu Shastra Directions for House

In this post, I have given a specific set of information about the recommended directions for a home and all the rooms, structures, and components contained within the home. This information is of course meant for the believers of the traditional Indian Science of Vastu Shastra.

1] The plot should preferably have a square shape or the nearest to a square shape.

2] The walls or boundary walls, which are facing the southern and western directions should be thick and sturdy.
3] The main door or entrance of the house or the compound should not face the south direction. The most preferred direction for the main door is the eastern direction.
4] The windows of the house should preferably face the eastern and northern directions.
5] The Puja Ghar [place of worship] should be in the Ishanya Disha, which is the north-eastern direction.
6] The bathrooms should be in the eastern direction.
7] The preferred direction for the bedrooms  is the Nairutya Disha, which is the south-western direction.
8] The elevation, which is the climbing portion of the staircase should face the western direction.
9] The toilets should face the western direction.
10] The western direction is preferable for the dining room.
11] The water tank or the place where the water is stored should be in the Ishanya Disha. The western direction is also suitable for storing water.
12] The kitchen should be position in the Agneya Disha, which is the south-eastern direction.

Note- If you do not have faith in Vastu Shastra or are confused, then it is better not to follow the recommendations given in this article.

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