Islamic Travel Safety Mantra

The Mantra given in this post is an Islamic Travel Safety Voodoo Spell for security from dangers of any kind, be it from an enemy, bandits and thieves, wild animals or mishaps, accidents or natural calamities during the course of a voyage or journey. This self-preservation Spell from the Shabar Muslim Tantra is a Siddha Mantra, which need not be Mastered in order to practice it for actual use.

The Mantra is also easy to practice, all the practitioner has to do is to memorize it, and use it as an when needed, using the most easy procedure which I have explained below.

During the course of travel, if the practitioner foresees or apprehends any kind of danger then he has to pick up a pinch of mud from the ground, chant this Mantra just once, and then blow the mud in the direction or probable direction of the approaching danger or calamity.

Islamic Travel Safety Voodoo Spell
Islamic Travel Safety Mantra

The travel safeguarding Mantra/Dua works in the same fashion as the numerous travel safety Mantras and Spells given in the Protection Mantras Section of this site.

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