For Spiritual Upliftment Read Tripura Tantra

The Womb of the Universe comprises of countless diverse objects and the Mind is also one of these objects. When the Mind is engaged in a specific thought, it takes the shape and form of that specific object. However, due to the continuous inflow of different thoughts, the Mind is unable to concentrate on a single thought and hence the thought becomes weaker and weaker as the more and more thoughts pile up inside the Mind and make it stray.

The Tripura Rahasya, believed to have originated from Dattatreya, the Non-Dual from of the culmination of Hinduisms Divine Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh or the Creative, Protective and Destructive Powers which engulf the Universe, Tripura Rahasya means that which transcends the Gunas,  awareness, the sleep and the sub-conscious Mind.

The Tripura Tantra, which is composed in the form of a lecture given by Dattatreya to Parshuram, the sixth of the Dashavatars of Vishnu gives an insight into the journey beyond the sense organs. Dattatreya, the immortal and omnipresent Guru, reveals the secrets of the Dual and Non-Dual states of the Universe. The splitting of the Mind into the twin states of the Watcher and the Watched.

The Tripura Tantra influenced the thinking of Ramana Maharshi, the exponent of Advaita and also in my opinion, the greatest exponent of Non-Dualism, Adi Shankara.  The true essence of the Tripura Sundari, the beautiful Goddess of the Three Worlds or the Three Gunas, who comes to reside in the being of those in the very highest state of Pure Non-Dualism, is hidden in the Tripura Rahasya.

We get a lot of true seekers, those striving to seek the world, which lies beyond the senses; The Tripura Tantra can be of great help in aiding the spiritual upliftment of these people. However, such people would be well advised to attempt to find their own meanings for the translated verses by letting the Mind dwell upon them.

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