Vastu Shastra Directions for Shop

In this post, I have explained five main points for the benefit of the followers of Vastu Shastra, in case they need any help and advice regarding the recommended direction of a shop and the components, which are normally present inside the shop.  As mentioned in earlier posts, this information in only for the believers of Vastu Shastra.

1] The entrance of the shop should face either the east, west or north direction. Only an entrance facing the southern direction is considered inauspicious, in this case the owner has to perform any of the remedies prescribed in Vastu Shastra. A simple remedy is given in this post- Here,

2] The owner of the shop should have his seat facing either the east or north direction.

3] In case the shop owner wishes to store water for drinking or any other purpose, it should be kept in the east direction or the Ishanya Disha, which is the north-eastern direction. Keeping water in these directions is believed to be auspicious according to Vastu Shastra.

4] The safe or cash locker should be kept in the north direction. If possible, the door or opening of the safe or money storage cupboard should face the eastern direction.

5] If the shop owner wishes to keep a Diya in front of the photograph or idol of a deity then the photograph of the deity should be kept in the Agneya Disha, which is the south-eastern direction and an oil lamp should be lit in front of the photo. In other cases, the photographs of gods and goddesses should be kept in the eastern direction and worshipped every day.

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  1. sir.. great seeing your posting since 2 years,but never tried anything except for two numerological amulets..anyways; after our main road renovation the level of the road is 3 feet higher tan the floor of our house, its our garden and half circle to make it more convenient my parents constructed a slope from the main gate till the entrance of my clinic.the slope is downward from north to south. from that day there has been no patients till now. please tell a remedy..we hav two gates now with sloping on either sides..


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