Paranormal Remedy for Intolerable Body Pain

This is a special Indian paranormal remedy to get relief from intolerable body pain resulting from any kind of disease, ailment or mishap. This Upay is a onetime experiment and is free from any kind of Mantra/Stotra chanting or any other kind of special worship. The remedy can be repeated after some day if the person suffering from intolerable pain responds positively and gets some relief from the pain.

The remedy is thus- On any Tuesday or Saturday, collect the ingredients which I have mentioned below and mix them to prepare a dough and prepare a thick and coarse roti.
A teaspoon of Black Sesame Seeds [Kale Til]
A large cup of Barley Flour [Sattu ka Atta]
A tablespoon of Mustard Oil [Sarson Ka Tel]

Then soften a piece of Jaggery by mixing it in edible oil and stick and apply it on the roti, which has been prepared. Then Feed this roti to a Male Buffalo [Bull].

Note - There appears to be some sort of linkage between this Totka and Yama, the Hindu God of Death, whose vehicle is the Male Buffalo. In all probability, the remedy seeks to invoke Yama for mercy and relief from the unbearable body pain.

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