Stri Vashikaran Goli Tantra Mantra

Goli in Hindi mean tablet and the Tantra mentioned in this post is the Goli Stri Vashikaran Tantra Mantra, meaning an experiment to attract and enchant a woman using a specially prepared Vashikaran Tablet.  Given below is the procedure on how this attraction spell is Mastered and put into actual practice.

The Vashikaran Goli is prepared using the following ingredients - Kamni, Nagarvel Paan, Tarangkut and Rakt Chandana in equal quantity and grinding them to a paste and mixing a few drops of Ganga Jal with the paste to prepare a small pea sized round tablet. This tablet has to be then dried in the shade.

Then the Vashikaran Mantra given below has to be Mastered by sitting under a Peepal tree and chanting it 1,250 times using a Rurdaksha Bead Counting Mala.

Vashikaran Tablet to enchant a woman
Stri Vashikaran Goli Mantra
Using the Vashikaran Goli- The Vashikaran Goli has to be inserted inside an Eating Paan preparation and given to eat to the woman who is desired to be put under the Vashikaran Spell.

The same Vashikaran Mantra is used in a different Tantra, which is practiced to put a wife under a Vashikaran Spell, that Mantra can be seen – Here.

Caution- The ingredients given to prepare the Vashikaran Goli are available is shops selling Tantric/Religious items in India, however, I am unable to vouch for their safe use on a subject as this is an untested Tantra. Hence, the article is only for imparting knowledge and not to advocate its use on any subject.

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