Yantra for Spirits and Enemy Removal

This is one of those Hindu Yantras which have are used to fulfill more than one purpose.  In this post, I have given two diverse Tantras, one to exorcise a possessed person of unknown entities and the other one to create fights in the house of an enemy or make the enemies fight amongst themselves and create disturbances in their house.

First Tantra for exorcising a possessed person- In Hindi this is known as the Bhoot-Pret Nivaran Yantra. For this purpose, the Yantra has to be made on a Friday. A paste of Rakta Chandana [Red Sandalwood], the ash of a funeral pyre from a graveyard has to be prepared by mixing it in Ganga Jal [Holy water of India’s sacred river Ganga]. Then it has to be written on a Bhojpatra using a pointed wooden stick. After this, the prepared Yantra has to be inserted in a cloth Tabeez and tied with a black colored thread around the neck of the possessed person as an exorcism talisman. This procedure is said to safeguard the wearer of the Talisman for the unknown entities and remove them from his body or surroundings.

For creating fights in the home of an enemy- This purpose is also known as Videshan or enemy removal.  This Yantra has to be made on any Tuesday on a freshly baked piece of clay [piece of Matka will do] from a potters kiln. It has to be written with the blood of an owl, using the pointed end of the wing of the owl as the writing instrument. Then the Yantra has to be thrown into home of the enemy. This is said to create fights and disturbances in the house of the enemy.

A Dual use Hindu Yantra for Spirits and Enemy Removal
Yantra for Spirits and Enemy Removal

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  1. Guruji Pranam,

    one of my friend is very very emotional and he starts weeping/tears come to his eyes in very normal situations. his tears come when he sees any emotional scene in films, on tv etc; sometimes he starts weeping in marriages at the time of bride departing to sasuraal (vidaai)...he weeps loudly whether he is related to this bride or not.

    plus he is always fearful .... fearing of snakes lizards .... living a timid life.
    kindly suggest some sure and simple remedy for him so that he leads a normal life.


  2. Hi guruji i live in london can I use any river water and also can i use any graveyard dirt to make this yantra and if so do I collect the dirt daytime or night please kindly explain?

    1. This Tantra recommends ash from a funeral pyre, there could be Hindu or any other Crematorium in London.

  3. Please give me any yantra preparation procedure to keep spirit away from surrounding or any ready made place where I can buy


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