Future Unrestricted Genetic Research in Space

It had become nice being able to produce new infants for moderns made genetically superior to become healthier and eventually much longer living. But unfortunately this had been leaving existing adults behind. Down on Earth, legal restrictions had become established in some nations, as demanded by some religious conservatives, opposing any genetic alterations away from what they loved proclaiming had been God's (Allah's, Jahveh's) Perfect Intelligent Design of Humans, far Superior beyond other animals. Laws in such Earth nations had mostly ruled out trying to develop any ways to achieve cell genetics improvements within any current adults.

But up in the high orbiting pair of settlements, and also especially in the new Luna L2 Fullball world, genetics experts weren't at all limited in such ways. And they had extra time to try new advances, thanks to good increasingly capable robotic serving devices freeing up much more time, in contrast to less assisted more tedious laboring back down on Earth, (while also thanks up here to very good provided modern well equipped DNA genetics labs).

Several genetics experts who had by now abandoned Earth, tried devising good ways hoping to give existing adults selected superior genetic improvements while they lived. Such experts were almost freely helped by a number of moderns up here also having lots of free time they could happily give for needed good R&D (research & development) tasks for this. Such chromosome & genetic improvements could be safely cautiously tried first within some small lab mammals, such as mice etc.

Wanted were safe ways to infect an adult mammal with something, perhaps a bit similar to a virus, which would temporarily attach to and partly invade a cell lacking any cell surface indications of a specific recently devised new or improved gene, or some controlling DNA section(s). Then it had to achieve the improvement, maybe replacing some old chromosomes genetics parts with recently devised new or improved versions. This special infectious agent would assure early that the improved cell's outer layer gained a suitable distinct temporary marker revealing the new genetic improvement, while the special infectious agent produced duplicates of itself, to also start likewise testing and improving ever more nearby cells, one after another.

Finally when all cells, sometimes of just one restricted organ type, seemed to have gotten improved, such that the special infectious agent duplicates were failing to find any more such cells lacking the wanted genetic modification, then they had to quit duplicating themselves and quit spreading more within the organ or maybe the whole body. Then all would degrade themselves to end up cleanly safely excreted.

Tested small mammals such as mice were extra good for some of this since such genetics modifications didn't cost as much time as to attempt something like this later in far bigger humans having magnitudes more cells in their organs and far larger much more slowly maturing bodies.

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