Space World on L2 Luna

As their numbers increased, "moderns", cellularly and genetically ever more improved over old natural humans, secretly discussed together what might become safer living for their slowly growing numbers on into the far future. Maybe better to have a new secret Fullball world much farther from Earth to move to? That would make it much harder for violent haters of genetically altered humans to try eliminating them. If by then far from Earth, they'd be able to detect any missile early enough to deflect it, or to explode it when getting close, (letting their haters imagine they'd blasted the moderns to bits).

Some worried moderns eventually secretly discussed this with one of the investors taking care of the two major space settlements, someone who seemed safely extra tolerant of new DNA research & developments being done trying to ever more greatly improve human health etc.

During their discussions, it was mentioned that a new Fullball world could be formed actually nearby, to orbit Earth staying unseen out behind Luna. This would be at the Earth-Luna Lagrangian L2 position, completely hidden from Earth! Here at the greater distance from Earth than just Luna, attractions in to both required a greater distance from Earth than just Luna, to stay kept in a 1 Lunar month orbit. Thus no one on Earth could ever see anything formed out at L2!

Nothing was currently at such a hidden L2 orbit position, undetectable from Earth. No telescopes were at the back face of Luna, nor were there any even temporary settlements uselessly at the back side. Whatever for? They would of course have never been able to see or communicate directly with Earth. Also no one had ever tried uselessly putting anything orbiting at L2 hidden behind Luna. Again whatever for? How could Earth humans communicate to/from any such useless permanently hidden satellite?

Moderns became quite interested in this intriguing new possiblilty. Yes, there would be a monthly problem getting energy at the Earth-Luna L2 point from Solar light converters. Luna would block sunlight at L2 up to 5.9hr some Lunar months while about in Earth's spring and fall equinox days. But farm lighting, manufacturing, etc. could be shut off then. Other electricity needs would come converted from local temperatures.

Full calculations were thus done to learn if a Fullball world at the Lagrangian Earth-Luna L2 point (always hidden behind Luna) really should be worth trying and be robotically achievable without much trouble.

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