Lord Bhairav Fever Removal Mantra

This health Mantra given by me in this post is simple to practice mantra to remove, cure and give relief to someone suffering from fever. The mantra is dedicated to Lord Bhairava. A simple Tantra is needed to make this mantra fruitful. In the post below is explained the procedure to perform this fever removal Sadhana.

The experiment should be conducted on any Tuesday or Sunday. The practitioner has to take a small portion of the root of the Sahadevi Plant [Vernonia cinerea] commonly referred to in the English Language as the Ash colored fleabane and infuse and bid the root portion by holding it in the hand and chanting the mantra 3 times.

Then the infused root portion has to be tied with a string like a Healing Talisman around the right upper arm of the one who is to be cured of fever.  If the practitioner is the one who is to be cured, he can perform the experiment upon himself.

After the fever is cured, the root portion should be remover and immersed in any water body, like a well, lake, river or the sea.

ॐ भैरव भूतनाथे विकरालकाये अग्नि वर्णाधाये सर्व्व ज्वर बंध मोचय त्र्यम्बकेति हुं ||
Om Bhairava Bhootanaathe Vikaralakaaye Agni Varnaadhaaye Sarvva Jvara Bandha Mochaya Tryambketi Hum ||

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