Reasons for Nisarga Runa and the Remedies

Kudrati Runa also known as Ishwariya Rin or Nisarga Runa is one of the nine major past life Rin or debts, which have to be cleared in the present life.  In this post, is explained the causes, indications, planetary positions and the remedies to negate and eradicate this Runa. The remedies given here are based upon the Totke given in the Lal Kitab to offset this past life debt.

Planetary Indicator- Chandra [Moon] or Mangal [Mars] placed in the sixth house of a horoscope. Ketu [South Node] is the planet, according to traditional Hindu astrology and the Lal Kitab, which is responsible for this Runa.

Causes-  Harassing, maltreating, beating or killing a Sadhu, Fakir, Saintly Person, a person who has renounced the world or a Dog in the past life for no reason or selfish and motivated purposes.

Indicators- Killing Dogs or being the cause of their death. Suffering from Urinary tract and Urine related ailments and diseases. Sudden Deafness. Destroying thing and items related to Ketu [South Node] for selfish purposes.

Remedies- Collect money from all blood relations and from that money - Feed 100 Dogs on the same day or Feed 100 Pigeons plenty of food grains on the same day.  These Totke are extremely simple and do not need the services of any Priest, Brahmin or Tantric.

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