Sexual Pleasure will be Controlled in Future

While selecting and improving, from natural human genetic varieties, what had given better pleasure responses from getting fondly caressed, some good genetics R&D (research & development) experts for ever better moderns, kept advancing beyond what had previously been done for still purely natural genetics new humans being given some of the best found old natural genetic varieties.

Such experts, for usefully improving moderns more, kept developing ever more ways to improve beyond any of the best old natural genetics humans. This came to also include better ways for newer fun branch moderns to have optional stronger mental controls, to block, or to increase sexy responses. Then, better than any natural genetics humans, new fun branch matured moderns could ever better suppress and fully block any such responses in poor times, or when not with a preferred fond mate or a favored superior sexy good friend.

Past genetics experts had become able to select, from existing human genetic varieties, what would let still purely natural genetics humans mentally enhance better enjoyed strong sexy pleasure responses when in good playful private times with a most favored top friend or mate. So the new experts for producing better fun branch moderns improved some versions to also let new young moderns be able to further gain, beyond our past natural developmental genetics, good ways to have them become even more able to switch on better responses when it might be a good time for this with a favored top sexy friend or beloved mate.

Some experts then became able to also nicely do inventive further R&D on what became known as an extended strong superorgasmic state, eventually maybe even able to deliciously last up to several minutes, followed then by nicely lingering enjoyed extra good happy pleasure. Thanks to so many good serving robotic devices, fun branch moderns up in the high orbiting settlements had plenty of free time available to enjoy gaining such much enhanced extra pleasures with good mates and best friends.

These improvements nicely benefited such new fun branch moderns by helping their reduced aging adults live happier, adding good well enjoyed extra nice fun times. Why not enjoy longer lives better, stronger, richer? This was good for a happier friendly society. The new fun branch thus gradually became a good growing fraction of the moderns now inconspicuously safely living well up in the high orbiting settlements.

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