Yantra Tantra for Sexual Strength and Stamina - 2

Some time back, I had written about a particular Charm, which is said to enable men to increase their virility and potency while engaging in physical relations with their wife or lover. There were a couple of methods given to prepare that particular Yantra. In this post, I have discovered two more specific Tantras, using the same Yantra. That Yantra can be seen – Here.

One of the methods can also be useful to women who are not enjoying physical relations with their husband or lover due to physical pain resulting from the act.

Yantra Making Method For Men
The Yantra should be written on a Bhojpatra with any kind of ink, using the Tooth of a Sow [Female Pig]. Then it has to be folded and put inside a cloth Tabeez [Cloth Amulet] and tied around the waist. This is said to vastly enhance the sexual strength and stamina in men.

Yantra Making Method For Women
The Yantra has to be prepared and worn in the same manner as the one given above, the only difference is that it has to written with a Bone of a Donkey [any bone will do]. This is said to remove the physical pain and women are able to fully enjoy physical relations with their partner.

Note- This is given only as information and not as a prescription for those having difficulties and problems in having great physical relations with their partners.

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