Devi Mantra to Attract Helpful Vibrations

The atmosphere is full and vibrant with countless vibrations, these vibrations are of each and every kind, including helpful, protective, harmonious, positive, harmful, bad, malefic and dangerous vibration. The vibrations bombard everything, including humans continuously. The mantra given in this post is a mantra comprising of roots letters that are unique mantra in themselves, which enable the practitioner to attract good and helpful vibrations.

This mantra, which we dedicate to the Mother Goddess, is helpful for those people who are feeling depressed, melancholy, disturbed, those experiencing failures and obstacles, those who are fearful and experiencing a feeling of helplessness.  The mantra will help these people remove the negative vibrations and attract the helpful vibrations in the atmosphere.

The Experiment is extremely simple, the practitioner has to prepare a Garland of the Japa or Gurhal Flowers, this is a red colored flower whose botanical name is the Hibiscus rosa-sinensis.and common name the China rose or Hawaiian rose.

Then the practitioner has to infuse this Garland with this mantra by keeping the garland in front of him and chanting this mantra 100 times using a Counting Mala of Lotus or Sphatik Beads.

Then the practitioner has to offer the infused garland to an idol of the Mother Goddess at a temple or to an Idol or Image of the Devi Mata at home.

Hindu Mantra Chant of the Mother Goddess to Attract Helpful Vibrations
Devi Mantra to Attract Helpful Vibrations

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  1. Good post, thank you Sir.
    Is Javakusum another common name of Hibiscus?

    1. Yes, Java Kusum is one of the many names for the Gurhal Flower.


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