The Mahalaxmi Shree Mantra

This Mahalaxmi Shree Mantra is said to unsuitable for the ordinary person as it involves Viniyoga and Nyasa. However, it is possible to chant this Mool Mantra, by performing the Panchopachara and Shodashopachara Puja of Mahalaxmi as many times as possible. In the post below, I will explain a specific Mantra Prayog, conducted using this Mahalaxmi Mantra.

The practitioner after performing the Puja mentioned has to sit comfortably facing the Western Direction, place the Shri Yantra in front of him, and offer a Prasad of Milk sweetened by mixing Khadi Shakkar [Indian rock candy] to the Shree Yantra.

Then the Practitioner should chant the Mantra, as many times as possible, 108 chants or One Mala is the minimum number of Mantra Chants to be chanted. A Padma Beej Counting Rosary should be used for counting the number of Mantra chants.

The most Powerful Shree Mantra of the Hindu Mother Goddess Mahalaxmi
The Mahalaxmi Shree Mantra

The practitioner should chant the mantra in a calm and quiet place. Closing the eyes while chanting the mantra is much better in order to fully focus the mind on the mantra.

Before commencing the Prayog the practitioner should take a Sankalp [Pledge] that he or she will complete 125,000 Mantra Chants.

As mentioned earlier, women should avoid the Sadhana during the course of the Monthly Cycle. The practitioner should maintain cleanliness and hygiene during the period of the Sadhana as these are the qualities, which are most dear to Mahalaxmi.

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