Islamic Yantra to get Job - 2

If your fortune is not favoring you and you are not finding employment or a suitable job according to your qualifications, experience and capabilities then certain Indian paranormal experiments are believed to make your fortune turn around, bring luck on your side, and finally put an end to your difficulties.

Muslims are often seen complaining about discrimination and bias by potential employers in the job market. Hence, the Yantra/Naqsh given in this post is one more of the Islamic paranormal experiments to get some reasonable employment or livlihood.

This Naqsh should be written with a pointed wooden stick using a mixture of the paste of Kesar [Saffron] and Musk on a plain white paper and then folded and stitched inside a piece of oil cloth/wax cloth to make a Tabeez[cloth locket] and worn on the upper right arm. The oil cloth known as Mom Jama is a kind of cloth, which is usually used for covering furniture.

Readers please not that this site does not offer any kind of miracle cures for most problems, but tries to find a way out for the believers in paranormal remedies.

Islamic Naqsh - Yantra to find employment
Islamic Yantra to get Job - 2

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