Blood Moons Prophecy should be fulfilled

The Blood Moon Prophecy and the Mayan Doomsday Prophecy of 21 December 2012 appear strikingly similar; both appear to be some sort of indicators of a dating for a huge natural disaster or word war 3, which changes the course of history of the world.  The Blood Moons, a series of 4 total lunar eclipses, in a row, also called as a Tetrad, is believed to be a warning to humanity that the end is near, so prepare for the worst.

The first of the four Blood Moons in this series of Blood Moons occurred in April and the last one will take place in October 2015, the second Blood Moon in this series occurs on 7-8 October 2014.

The Blood Moon Prophecy originates from the Bible Prophecy relating to the Sun becoming Black or Darkened and the Moon turning Red or the Color of Blood. This prophecy is believed to be a final warning to humanity that the end approaches, prepare for a New World.

This prophecy like most of the Bible Prophecies is linked to the destiny of Israel and the Jews and Israel and the lands surrounding it appear to be the epicenter of the unprecedented event, which ushers in Doomsday.

The Blood Moon Prophecy has also been liked by some interpretations to be an indicator of the second coming of Jesus Christ. The Blood Moon has been linked to the eclipse on 33 A .D. commonly believed to the day on which Jesus Christ was crucified and the Prophet Peter's testimony about the Moon turning into the color of Blood.

Some interpreters of Hindu, Indian and Kalki Avatar Prophecies are linking the Blood Moon Prophecy to the expected arrival of the tenth and last of the Avatars of Vishnu; the Kalki Avatar; expected to manifest around the time of peak of the Age of Darkness; the Kali Yuga.

In my opinion, the Blood Moon Prophecy should be fulfilled and not fail like the incorrectly calculated and interpreted Mayan Doomsday Prophecy of 21 December 2012,. The exact dating of the Mayan Prophecy is yet to be arrived at. One thing appears, certain, a huge game changing event/occurrence will take place on a lunar eclipse, one still does not know, if it is dated to occur during the current series of Blood Moons.

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  1. Today was the 4th blood moon appearance.
    This was also the weekend that PM Modiji spoke at UN Assembly, and connected with CEOs of tech giants including Facebook, Google and Microsoft for India's development moving forward.
    Any connections you foresee? Any insights on what has been prophesised?

    1. Modi is right up there on the World Stage as a major World leader. The Blood Moon Prediction could be indirectly connected to Modi, I have a theory abbot this, but as this is an open forum,unable to describe it here.


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