Astrology Remedies for Voice Defects

If the planet Mercury [Budh Graha] is under the influence of Paap Graha or badly conjoined by Paap Grahas, in a horoscope, then it affects the voice and vocal cords of the native. The native suffers from stammering and sudden loss of voice while speaking, cracked voice and other such conditions and defects related to the voice.

In this post, I have given some astrological remedies to control and rectify this defect; the remedies are based upon the Totke prescribed traditional Hindu astrology.

1] Keeping an energized Budh Yantra can be helpful.

2] Chanting the Beej or  Root Mantra of Budh 108 times daily also proves effective. The remedy can be practiced along with the one given above.

2] Aquamarine and Hakik rings or necklaces are also believed to be useful in attracting positive vibrations to the vocal cords.

4] The fourth remedy makes the use of the root of the Vidhara or Bidhara plant, the botanical name of this plant is Argyreia Speciosa. This plant has some important uses in Ayurveda and traditional Indian Medicine, along with it finds a place in some astrological remedies, mostly related to Mercury.  This root has to be wrapped in green colored cloth and tied on the upper arm as a healing talisman.

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