There is Magnetism in the words you utter, and the commands you give. The saying that your voice reveals you is hundred percent true. A powerful resounding and yet soothing voice is a matchless gift. It is an effective instrument to influence people and win friends. Your voice adds a new dimension to your magnetic personality.

A voice full of confidence, words expressed calmly, clearly and soothingly is bound to inspire confidence in the persons you come into contact with. What you speak is no doubt important but what is more important is how you say it. You might have noticed that not anything, however, important if said incoherently and in a feeble manner warrants attention. A pleasing, harmonious and soothing voice makes a lasting impression.

A well-cultivated soft, gentle, low but bold voice is an excellent asset for any hypnotist. Any hypnotist should spend some of his time and energy in acquiring eloquence. In the TECHNIQUE OF SELF HYPNOSIS suggestions uttered with force and grace, create a hypnotic atmosphere and confidence in the subject.

Great speakers hypnotize masses with the magic and magnetism of their voice. The tone of the voice, which is used hypnotism, is divided into The Father and The Mother types. In the Father, method the hypnotist or orator uses an authoritative and commanding voice; he wants his subjects to make total surrender at his commands.

In the mother, method also there is total obedience by the subject, but it is through an affectionate and soothing voice. In both these methods, the hypnotist or orator lulls his subjects into a hypnotic trance and makes them accept his suggestions. The difference in these two types is of attitude. One may like to be treated like a child, tenderly and affectionately, while the other may require authority and dominance to make him yield. An experienced orator makes use of these two methods as the case may be to derive the best possible results, depending upon the type of persons he comes into contact with. One may not yield to a soft soothing and affectionate voice but may require authority or dominance to make him yield and vice versa.

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