Rudraksha Beads and Corresponding Body Parts

The description of the Rudraksha Beads, their potency, healing and curative, protective, paranormal and magical powers are part of the Rudraksh Mahima, which is the unique description of the Rudraksha Beads in the ancient Hindu religious scriptures.

The Rudraksha Beads have been attributed specific Electro-Magnetic and Para- Magnetic qualities, hence Rudraksha Beads have always been used in India, to heal, cure and give relief from most diseases and ailments.

In this post, are given the body parts and the corresponding Rudraksha Beads. The use of the corresponding Rudraksha Bead is said to accelerate the healing process of that body part and increase its strength and immunity.

Ek Mukhi [Single Faced] Rudraksha BeadRight eye and diseases and ailment related to it, headaches, heart diseases and blood circulation.

Do Mukhi [ Two Faced]Rudraksha Bead – Intestinal diseases, ulcers, mental illness, left eye and diseases related to it, heart diseases, lungs, brain and urinary tract related diseases.

Teen Mukhi [Three Faced] Rudraksha – Irregular menstrual periods, abortions, ulcers, tumors, blood impurity, contagious diseases, chicken pox and physical weakness and low vitality.

Char Mukhi [Four Faced] Rudraksha BeadDiseases and ailments related to the nose, migraine, mental illness, paralysis and malaria.

Panch Mukhi [Five Faced] Rudraksha Bead- Diseases and ailments related to the ears, diabetics, liver, urinary tract, thighs, legs, diseases, and ailments relating to the bones.

Che Mukhi [Six Faced] Rudraksha Bead– Diseases and ailments related to the throat, eyes and mouth, nerves, kidneys and diseases and ailments relating to the prostate gland.

Saat Mukhi [Seven Faced] Rudraksha Bead- Sinus related diseases, paralysis, weakness and low vitality, stomachache, paining bones and diseases relating to the bones.

Aath Mukhi [Eight Faced] Rudraksha Bead– Legs, skin, eye diseases and diseases relating to the lungs.

Nau Mukhi [Nine Faced] Rudraksha Bead- Stye-eye, lungs, fever, body-pain, diseases related to the skin and diseases and ailments relating to burning eyes and eye infections.

Dus Mukhi [Ten Faced] Rudraksha Bead–Useful in increasing the overall strength of the immune system.

Gyarah Mukhi [Eleven Faced] Rudraksha Bead- Mental restlessness, fear of accidents, mishaps, and sudden death.

Barah Mukhi [Twelve Faced] Rudraksha Bead- Constipation, diseases and ailments relating to the heart and lungs and skin diseases and ailments.

Terah Mukhi [Thirteen Faced] Rudraksha Bead- Mental peace and advancing the spiritual progress.

Chaudah Mukhi [Fourteen Faced] Rudraksha Bead- Increasing intuition and protection from black magic and evil eye.

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