Rock Salt Remedies for Psychic Attacks

The easiest method to remove negative energy and harmful vibration from the house or the human aura is the use of natural rock salt, Khade Mith in Marathi or Sendha Namak in Hindi. The house or human aura is known to attract all sorts of negative energies through psychic attacks, negative vibrations, evil eye, and jealousy and also from unknown and unseen paranormal entities.  This energy can also be generated by enemies, business and job rivals, jilted ex-lovers and jealous relations.

Those who practice Mantra, Tantra, Exorcism and other Supernatural practices, like Crystal Gazing, Seance and Planchet, which involve invoking seen and unseen entities, run the risk of Psychic Attacks. Psychic Attacks are similar to burning jealousy and hatred, where the evil person emits harmful, dangerous and malefic vibrations towards the one whom he hates.

 The intensity of these Psychic Attacks largely depends upon the intensity of hatred of the emitter of the harmful vibrations. The psychic attacker imagines and dreams with intense hatred about all kinds of harm befalling upon his target and directs his energy in that direction.

The use of Rock Salt to deflect and revert these harmful energies can be practiced in three ways. The first two remedies will rid the house of the harmful energies and third one will remove them from the aura. All the three remedies can be practiced together to get better results and divert the harmful energies back to the Psychic Attacker.

1] A 5-kilogram bag of Rock Salt should be purchased and kept in the house in such a place, where it does not start watering, if it starts watering, then it should be replaced by another bag.

2] While washing the floor of the house, a couple of fistfuls of Rock Salt should be put in the water used for cleaning the floor.

3] A couple of fistfuls of Rock Salt should be put in the bath water, while taking a bath.

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  1. Please can you post remedies and mantras for going abroad????

  2. Namaste sir,
    for how many days we need to add rock salt to bath water❓❔❓❔❓❔❓

    1. It can be practice for as long as you wish, or add a tablespoon of rock salt to your bath water daaily.

  3. After taking a bath or shower, rub the rock salt all over your body then rinse. This cleanse can also be done with common table salt if rock salt is not available.

    1. Does this rock salt remedy also work for astral cobwebs attack manifestations sir?

    2. Yes, it will be effective against all kinds of paranormal or supernatural attacks.


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