Future Molecule Component Computers

Our computers were developed starting from vacuum tube components. These were greatly reduced to small solid state transistors. These were then developed to have united compact integrated circuit special computer chip parts which used less electricity and allowed ever smaller faster ever more efficiently complex higher capacity computers.

Computer makers next devised parts using some interacting groups of submicroscopic molecular parts, good for even greater speed and for efficient reductions of operating energy. So moderns considered trying some better new miniaturization advances also for the brain, dropping down to new well designed safe molecular components for many interactions plus memories. Our hundred billion [100,000,000,000] microscopic neurons, including those used for conscious thinking, have worked well for 100,000 years, partly using molecular component interactions, with many interacting neurons successfully giving humans most important conscious mental thinking capabilities.

Out in the high orbiting major space settlements, with so many things from farming to daily chores being done by good serving (internal computer operated) robotic devices, the settlers had more free time than folks on Earth. They thus had free time to enjoy studying and exploring or researching such intriguing possibilities as maybe developing even more miniaturized computer sections, and also better neurons using even more better submicroscopic interacting molecular components.

As their modern population grew in the safe secret Luna L2 Fullball world, several tried electronics R&D (research & development) for even better complex integrated molecular components based small fast very capable complex computers. Already they had their DNA R&D experts accomplishing very good useful safe results way down at the molecular level. So some also discussed such possibilities with them.

Enough moderns became interested in this that some DNA R&D experts started giving classes others could tune into or save to help them learn much about safe complex molecular component possibilities. They were also taught how best to steer clear of molecules which might be or might sometimes degrade into anything possibly harmful or slightly poisonous. Unlike on Earth, that could become more risky to ever get released here into their high population density small 3D volume Fullball world.

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