Home Remedy to Cure Lisping and Stammering

Recently I came across an extremely interest Indian home remedy, which is said to remove stammering, and lisping defects in children. The remedy is a most simple one, costing almost nothing; hence, it could be worthwhile for worried parents whose children have a lisping or stammering disorder to try this remedy along with the on-going medical treatment.

However, I think, I should mention that I cannot vouch for its effectiveness as I have not personally witnessed any stammering or lisp related cases in children being cured using this home remedy.

The remedy- Wash and clean a leaf of the Peepal tree [sacred fig tree] and stick about a teaspoon of Jaggery on it. Then give this leaf to the child and tell him to completely lick the Jaggery, which has been stuck on it. After the child finishes licking the Jaggery on the leaf, you can throw away the leaf. This home remedy should be practiced every day until positive results are gained.

The Jaggery used for this remedy has to be the one, which is normally used for preparing Chikki.  This type of Jaggery is known as Chikki Jaggery and is commonly available in the market.  Peepal leaves also find a place in certain other traditional Indian remedies, which are practiced to cure lisping and stammering in children.

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