Hanuman Evil Eye Remedies for Children

In this post, I have published some traditional Indian paranormal evil eye removal remedies [Buri Nazar Nikalne ke Totke/ Upay] to remove the evil eye from children. These paranormal remedies are dedicated to Hanuman are believed to most effective in removing the evil eye.  Any one of the three remedies can be practiced if you suspect that your child is the victim of an evil gaze.

1] The ingredients mentioned below have to be taken and wrapped in a new piece of white cloth like a small bundle and closed with a black colored thread. Then this bundle, which acts like a protective charm has to be tied on the pram/bed of the child.
Sindoor from the forehead of the idol of Hanuman, located in a Hanuman Mandir
One Dried Red Chili
One Iron Nail
A few grains of Urad Dal

2] If a child is suspected of being affected by the evil eye, then some Vibhuti [ash from the Agarbatti in a temple or the Puja-Place in the home] has to be taken and any one of the Hanuman Mantras has to be chanted seven times. Many Hanuman Mantras are published in this section- Hanuman Mantras.

Then the ash has to be wrapped in a small piece of cloth and tied around the right upper forearm of the child.

The Hanuman Mantra, which has been chanted should be written on a piece of white paper, folded, and inserted in a Cloth locket [Tabeez]. This Tabeez should be tied as a protective charm around the neck of the child.

2] This is a very simple Totka to remove the evil eye- A little bit of Sindoor from the shoulder of the Hanuman idol in a Hanuman Mandir has to be brought home and applied like a Tilak on the forehead of the child suspected of being under the influence of an evil eye. This remedy should be practiced on Tuesdays or Saturdays.

An interesting remedy for the removal of evil eye from a child, if the child has been unintentionally affected by the evil gaze of a woman, is for the woman to move her hand over the head of the child and spit. This is said to free the child of the evil eye.

Drawing a Triangle with water beneath the plate of the child, when the child is having its meals, is said to protect the child from an evil gaze.

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