Molecular Matrix Computers Implants in Brains

Most were satisfied that the attempted better finely efficient molecular matrices computers kept getting ever more usefully well improved. Success! They were then replaced into some old robotic devices, from farming, manufacturing, etc., to providing home services.

So, maybe implant an advanced molecular matrix computer into one's body? This would need a way for it and one's brain to communicate. New neurons in a growing person develop communications ties with old ones. This was studied. After recently efficiently reducing neuron sizes, there was some space around the old brain allowing some new neurons.

It seemed easiest to have special new neurons, (formed with links from parts from a new molecular matrices computer implant seed), establish such ties with lots of old nearby neurons. Then have the molecular matrices communicate suitable signals through such new neurons. Gradually the brain should develop how to make sensible use of them.

Such special new neurons were developed. They could be injected through small holes drilled into the skull. A few eventually had such possibilities tried in themselves. But they had to wait months to years for the new neurons to have proper ties established working well with lots of nearby old neurons. Then it took longer for a molecular matrices computer to slowly become able to communicate adequately through them with the brain, to send information and understand received requests.

For such tests, the molecular matrices computer was actually kept outside the skull, maybe in a headband &/or big hat, or in a chest bag, powered by rechargable batteries. Good future places to implant one or more would be lower in the body, with good communications links reaching up and communicating through the molecular matrix seeds linked with the special new linking brain cells.

Eventually an interesting program was prepared, showing moderns up in their Luna L2 Fullball world that such linkage with the brain for an advanced complex molecular matrices computer could truly be made to usefully work well. This would then aid moderns to devise better more complex inventions for ever improving technology, and for gaining ever better easy living up here.

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