Future Brain Cell Improvements in Space

Some advanced human DNA R&D (research & development) experts, moved up into the secret L2 Fullball world hidden behind Luna, had off Earth been very safely transforming their families and themselves into reduced aging extra healthy moderns. The researchers liked being up here, with no suspicious religious hateful murdering conservatives, and no bad restrictions against expanding their very interesting good work here for reduced aging and ever better health.

Some had been exploring additional useful cell improvements, including more for their top organ: the brain, as some earlier DNA R&D experts had started doing. Devising some more efficiently smaller and better working internal cell replacement components should let brain cells again become a little smaller and maybe function a bit faster. More freed up space would possibly permit some extra thinking brain cells to be generated. They might then become a bit faster or extra complex thinkers, able to devise ever better cell component replacements superior over what ancient raw evolution had never been able to leap to.

Many moderns desired such projected additional brain improvements good for advanced thinking abilities in new young, which could mean becoming more able, for various technology areas, to create, a bit quicker, better inventions, some to be passed down to some special agents on Earth. While it was nice to have plenty of free time up here for socializing and entertainments, many moderns liked giving time for some quite interesting complex deep studies including for more advanced high technology, also for more brainy creativity. Sometimes they also teamed with other improved thinkers here.

As new brain cell changes reduce brain size, allowing possible added new brain cells, some such space might be nicely used to increase special touch responses in earlier older moderns. Then the ancient easy natural strong good pleasure: sex, (most important in evolution's past for having new genetically mixed young produced to keep species continuing to successfully evolve to gradually progress century after century), could be nicely improved ever more intensely pleasureful. This would become much more enjoyable than moderns' old cautious fearful living, laboring down on Earth which had some deadly foes.

Also up here, a well enjoyed sensory improvement was what gave extra better responses expanded over the chest in females and even males. Since moderns now generated their new embryos by ever better advanced genetics, there was no need to keep sexy pleasures confined to only the old places, anciently evolved as had been needed for very importantly enjoyable rewarding old style natural sexual reproduction.

DNA R&D experts had found these interesting fun possibilities. Why not let older adult moderns become able to enjoy daily living extra, like newer younger "fun branch" moderns? So some had explored what should be needed to let older adult moderns also gain good expansions of ancient natural pleasures, letting them nicely become more like ever more newer younger "fun branch" moderns.

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