Future Fun and Pleasure Branch in Space

We really should expect that some future folks will want much improved sexual pleasures, as that becomes possible to genetically improve folks. So a growing "fun branch", matured with such improvements for future populations, is really a quite likely realistic predictable probability.

Unsurprisingly many in the growing "fun branch" (of genetically improved moderns, with many now up in the hidden Earth-Luna L2 Fullball world), liked trying, developing well, then repeatedly much enjoying their maturing expanded extra sexy pleasure capacities. For them, good sexy fun unsurprisingly became extra enjoyed when tried with others who also had such recently created fun branch stronger sexy pleasure response benefits well developed. Thanks to ever better good capable robotic serving devices in their homes, they had ample free time to happily enjoy freely indulging in trying, then improving more such nice good pleasure filled togetherness.

Many maturing recent "fun branch" moderns liked contacting others of their improved kind to exchange thoughts with. When finding one from the other sex seemingly especially agreeably close minded in many areas, the two might arrange to visit in person. If that became well enjoyed, they'd likely visit again.

Unsurprisingly, after enjoying enough visits, when fully matured, two might grow increasingly tempted to try extra fun beyond merely happily sharing thoughts. They expected to much enjoy their matured modern improved greater sexual responses, including such responses by now being also amply expanded over their chests, (since for such improved moderns, artificially producing all new embryos ever better genetically improved, there thus hadn't remained any old reproductive need to concentrate highest pleasure rewards to only their ancient evolved primary sexual reproduction organs).

Thus on one such visit of such a male to a fun branch female, she began to notice unsurprising apparently quite favorable growing response developing in him from much enjoying again being safely closely alone with her. Interesting. Tempted, she felt down there. No objection. His response favorably increased.

Next visit he came in only a short short (*hint*). No need for much clothing in an always quite ideal temperature Fullball world. She noticed early favorable response in him from again being back enjoying sitting close with her. As a fun branch new adult, in safe favorable circumstances he should have strong good responses to sexy touches. It wasn't hard to get it pulled out from his short. Not the slightest objection. His response expanded impressively bigger, stiffer, while she had increasing fun feeling over it. He much enjoyed rich pleasure benefits. It was most delightful for both to have matured within this new improved fun branch of moderns.

This is a guest post. Questions? Ask Iwas.A.Member@gmail.com. If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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