Remedies for Women for Safety of Husband

The Indian paranormal remedies given in this post are for woman who are fearful of some or the other kind of harm or danger to the lives of their husbands or family members.  The woman desiring to practice any of the unique remedies, should be sure that the dangers she foresees is real and that she is not imagining it or suffers from any kind of phobia.

A paranormal remedy to be practiced by the woman for the safety of her husband is to worship a Banana Tree every day. Apart from this, alms should be given to the needy and the woman must seek the blessing of an elderly woman.

If a woman is fearful about the safety of her family, then on Saturdays, she should light a Diya of Chameli Oil [Jasmine Oil] and read the Sundarkand. The Sundarkand is the core of the Ramayana written by the Sage Maharishi Valmiki, the original composer of the epic Ramayana.  The Sundarkand describes the glory and achievements of Hanuman.

Another remedy advise by some Tantriks for a woman who is fears her life while sleeping or get frightened while sleeping is to keep 11 Hakik Stones[Agate] and 11 Gomati Chakra under the mattress. Information about the Gomati Chakra is given in this post on – The Gomati Chakra.

I am not in a position to vouch for the success of any of the remedies given above, nevertheless, I am providing information to those who believe in and practice such Hindu Totke.

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