Mantra to Soothe Angry Husband-Wife

The words  शांतम् पापम् - Shantam Papam are used many times in different ways, sometimes in a jocular way, sometimes out of habit or sometime, even without knowing what they mean.  Sometime back, I received a mail from a woman reader, informing me that she does a Japa of शांतम् पापम्, whenever her husband gets angry and hence, I should recommend it as a mantra for those women having short-tempered husbands.

A combination of words spoken with a specific frame of mind or with specific intent can change prevailing conditions. So, let’s have a look at these two words,  Shantam translated into English, means a State of Calmness, Peace, or Bliss, and Papam, means a Sin or a Wicked Action.  This could mean, Calm the Wicked Action.

This Mantra chanted with the right kind of emotions and feeling will soothe the anger of the angry husband or wife and can be used to pacify any other angry person like friend, colleague or the boss.

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  1. This is to inform the readers of the site that I have used this two word mantra in time of need since a month. I must say that it works in seconds, a true miracle. Sir , your suggestion is solicited as to whether it can be used in a court room to pacify every individual on the opposite plank in the courtroom ?

    1. It seems that you have gained Siddhi over the Mantra, you can certainly use it for pacifying the individuals in the courtroom or in any other place.


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