Future Improvement in Blood, Skin and Muscles

Taking control over old evolved human genetics was allowing extra nice changes. Already basic natural animal pleasures were being improved in moderns, such as playfulness in children, which is good for happy fun living, promoting our good social animal cooperative ways, and is also importantly helpful early for developing proper needed growing body muscle coordination. And for more extra fun, childish giggly tickling was also being retained and improved, also being helpful for better promoting enjoying our very useful happy good social animal cooperative ways.

More was being done, exploiting well and extending all this. Such childish fun pleasures were now also being kept strong and quite enjoyable after maturing into adulthood. This nicely increased the happy harmonious living of adults.

More genetic advances for future improved humans could be devised. Blood cells could be generated having some changes letting them last longer so they wouldn't need to get replaced as often by new generated cells. This would reduce food needs and excreted waste a bit.

Skin cells could be made more durable so they won't keep wearing off as often, especially since the new ways to live in settlements didn't involve hard wearing friction over body surface places. (Robots were tougher, better longer lasting for that.) And why should we continue seeming to have to occasionally peel off some old outer skin layer pieces from a finger or thumb tip? Let such cells viably persist there to live longer, (unlike other animal fingers needing to compensate for much more abbrasive wearing friction, even daily). So again a bit less farmed food would become adequate. (And why must we daily produce some fresh dark waste junk under fingernail tips? Why not eliminate that?)

Muscles could be modified to strongly function more efficiently, thus not needing to be as thick. Then less chemical energy would need to come from as much digested food. These three types of changes would ultimately allow smaller farms, and thus more future homes in settlements good for more moderns.

And more could be tried. How about improving the top organ: the brain? All our cells have the same DNA and genes. But different organs have some different active genes, with several DNA sections never active in that organ. So why not do better than nature and delete from cells of each organ the DNA sections never active there? That would efficiently simplify chromosomes there, letting them become smaller. Then cells would be slightly smaller, less prone to future cancers, and likewise the organs. Organs would become a bit more efficient.

This is a guest post. Questions ? Ask Iwas.A.Member@gmail.com. If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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