Remedies for Shani Peeda - 2

This is second part of the traditional remedies for Shani Peeda or having an adverse Saturn in the horoscope or a troublesome period due to the transit of Shani. In the first part, we have learnt about some simple remedies to get relief from Shani Peeda, in this post, are given some specific remedies for some common specific problems resulting from the adverse positioning of Shani in specific houses of an horoscope.

The seventh house of the horoscope is the house normally attributed with marriage, partnerships, legal problems, enemies, domestic peace and connections of all kinds, including business and personal. A person having an adverse Shani in the seventh house, apart from practicing any of the simple remedies for Shani Peeda, is advised to refrain from consuming alcohol or any other kinds of intoxicating substances, including drugs.

The eleventh house is said to rule money, wealth, gains, and profits of all kinds. The positioning of Saturn in the seventh or eleventh house is considered to be fortunate as per traditional Hindu astrology and a person having Shani in any of these two house can benefit by donating a Makta [ clay pot used to store water]filled with water.

If Shani is causing problems in the way of gaining progeny or if a woman is experiencing repeated abortions due to a malefic Shani, then she is advised to take a small portion of all the dishes from her plate and feed it to a black colored dog.  Another remedy for the same problems is to put a piece of Daruhald in the bath water before having a bath. Daru Haldi known as Indian Barberry in English is a medicinal herb having widespread use in Ayurveda and traditional Indian medicine.

A person suffering from Sadi-Sati should feed a portion of each of the dishes from his meal to black crows instead of a black dog.

Some traditional Indian remedies for getting relief from Shani Peeda are to put Black Surma [black eye-liner] in the eyes, using black pepper and black or rock salt in the meals and using iron furniture in the house.

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