Scary Dream Foretelling Nuclear War

From time to time we get some interesting feedback from readers; the letter published below is from a reader who describes strange dreams.  Dreams can be a premonition of some impending disaster like a war or a natural disaster, which involves huge and widespread destruction of life and property. Sometimes, it could even be about a localized disaster, like a terrorist attack or a bomb strike.

The scary dream given here can be a premonition of any of the two possibilities mentioned above. On the larger scale, it would foretell a nuclear strike, linked to an Islamic terrorist outfit, like the ISIS [Islamic State of Iraq and Syria] or on the local scale something to do with the Islamic terror groups operating in India. The Islamic link is evident from the “skullcaps” appearing in the dream.

The location of the disaster indicated in the dream could easily be Bangalore in India or it could refer to any place or country in the world. If it is a nuclear strike, it will easily affect the entire population of the world.

Hello Sir, Namaskar
My name is Jagan [name changed] I'm from Bangalore. I'm avid reader your web. I would like share some of my thoughts and I hope you could help me out. Brief intro about me I'm 42, Hindu Tamil speaking and I have no extraordinary features except that I get strange unexplained dreams. These dreams are not constant everyday ones; they come with no pre knowledge. It’s been happening past 10 years or even more, I'm unable to recollect when it all began.

Sharing a dream, it goes like this ' apparently we at home, its family function so there is lunch being served. My family and me are seated to have food, as the caterers are serving, we hear a huge noise followed by strong wind. All of a sudden everything gets blown away, my family retreats quickly into the house to take shelter, I don't get time to escape but in time hide behind the wall of the house. From where I stood, the view was devastating in short time. It was utter chaotic with lots of things getting blown away. Large mud chunks are tossed around in the air. People are running madly apparently all of them resembled more like Muslims they worn skullcaps.

As this was happening thinking worst may happen, I force my way into the house, just then huge lightening strikes at large tree, the tree crashes into the crowd of people, the electrical lines snaps, the streets on fire deafening sound of wailing people and nature at its worst ......the scene looked as if something hit us like may be nuclear attack or a meteor strike or may be earthquake.

I don't understand why I get these dreams is it someone try to convey the future to me or something beyond that! Thank you Sir hoping that you could help me in this regards

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