Future Smaller and Faster Brains in Space

For the top organ, the brain, if efficiently a bit smaller, this might mean slightly faster thinking. (The newly opened up space could reduce or eliminate headaches which a few sometimes had.) Some more creative thinking neurons might even be generated in some opened up space. Such moderns might then become a bit better or faster creative thinkers. Also some cell old components could be designed a bit smaller and more efficient.

This would allow more cell size reductions, with smaller possibly giving slightly faster neuron cell functions. (Normal human females already had a bit smaller brains than males, but much due to having some efficiently smaller brain cells, proving that smaller good neurons were achievable, though developing as many neurons in both sexes.)

Some of the best DNA research & developments experts liked these possible improvements. Ways had recently been created to most carefully replace some brain cell working gene components with superior ones. They could safely replace those cell parts in a living thinking person. And then yes, more efficient a bit smaller brain cells sometimes did gradually permit a few extra good creative thinking neurons to increase a bit what our top organ could do.

Though some of the firmest conservative believers in the proudly proclaimed Superior Perfect Chosen Creation of Humans, as if magically Designed by God (Allah, Jahveh) and formed well Above any other life form, would refuse to accept any alternative explanation for the actual origin of Humans, (some even violently opposing any alternative), there had in fact been increasing evidence showing past slow gradual natural evolution to instead be the true simple natural explanation for humans having thousands of centuries ago quite naturally arisen here on Earth. Thus like it or not, no imagined God (Allah, Jahveh) had been needed.

This extended beyond simply finding that humans and chimpanzees share 99% matching DNA. Human-like footprints had been found in volcanic ash deposits from 3.5 million years ago, left by 4-5' = 1.2-1.5m tall prehumans, before tool making evidence 2 million years ago.

1.5 million years ago, Homo erectus left good evidence of by then having creatively invented stone tools they were using.

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