Remedies for problems after marriage for women

Malefic and adverse planets in the horoscope can cause problems and disturbances in the married life of a woman. These problems can be of any kind, such as a disturbed domestic atmosphere, differences with the husband or in-laws.  The Lal Kitab has given some remedies to overcome this astrological defect. The remedies which, I have given in this post are variations of the same basic remedy and are uncomplicated, easy to perform and do not involve any kind of Mantra Sadhana or Puja- Archana.

The girl who has a defective Jupiter [Guru] in her horoscope should take two square piece of gold from her parents, the size and weight of the gold squares does not matter or affect the end results of this remedy. The girl should keep one of the two gold squares on her person [in the purse, pocket or even in a locket] and immerse the other gold square in a flowing water body, like a river or the sea.

If by any chance, the gold square gets lost, the girl should bring another gold square from her parents and keep in on her body. The second part of the remedy [immersing the gold piece into flowing water] should not be practiced.

The remedy for a malefic Saturn [Shani] in the horoscope is exactly the same as the remedy for a malefic Jupiter. The only difference is that the gold square has to be replaced with Iron or steel squares. Two Surma Stones [Kohl Stones] can also be used for this remedy, instead of iron or steel squares.

For an adverse Sun [Ravi] in the horoscope, the gold squares should be replaced with copper squares.

For an adverse Mars [Mangal] two red colored stones should be used, however the red stones, should not be glowing and shinny.

For an adverse Venus[Shukra] or an adverse Moon [Chandra], two real white Pearls should be used.

For adverse Mercury[Budh], two Sea-Shells should be used.

For adverse Rahu[North Node], two silver squares should be used.

For adverse Ketu[South Node] two gold squares should be used. If unable to use gold squares, two, two-colored stones[a stone having two different colors] can be used.

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