Refining DNA in Outer Space in Future

Normal natural human high orbiting settlers happily learned about the new developed ability to replace, into the cells of a healthy living total adult, some selected genes &/or their controlling DNA sections which worked better than the genetics which decades earlier a person had developed from, to have originally become born with. Such replacements offered improvements beyond the random genetic results of past raw random simple mixing from chromosome pairs from the two parents.

Thus a number of ordinary settlers began getting their DNA analyzed to have inferior natural genetics detected. These could now become replaced by better versions, which had been getting listed within growing libraries of natural human useful good genetic varieties details.

You might feel a bit sick while genetics replacements were happening, but once finished, you'd likely feel extra healthy. Such replaced genetics were the same, or not much different from some past found best human genetics within natural varieties. But not easily available for such interested ordinary settlers were any of the more altered new genetics combinations in moderns. So those who got paid for this, or those paying for such genetics improvements, didn't greatly risk becoming violently hated by religious conservatives back down on Earth.

Unsurprisingly, ordinary Earth humans also learned about such improvements now made available for matured adults. Some then also became tempted. Why not want to have at least some of the best natural human genes &/or their controlling DNA sections within your cells? So over time, some might find in some big city at least one medical establishment which they could pay to infect into them what would leave them with some replaced best human cell genetics sections.

Some of these improved folks started referring to themselves as a new "refined" human subbranch. Such "refined" folks weren't opposed as badly as conservatives had hated the genetically more radically progressively altered "moderns". This was rather different from in the past only being able to select some better genetics just for a new produced ovum for a wanted good future more healthy baby.

Such new "refined" humans could almost seem to indeed open up a new special subbranch of humans. Their starting genetics would be of little concern. You would now become in command of wanted selected adult cell details. Some of the available best genetics varieties could get replaced into your cells, whenever convenient for you, such as some likely good for healthier longer living, or simply for usefully more efficient cell biochemical functions.

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