Peacock Tantra to Increase Money and Wealth

Visualizing the Peacock is believed to be an auspicious omen, the Peacock feathers are normally associated with Shri Krishna, who is portrayed as wearing the Peacock feathers on his head. If one goes by the ancients Hindu texts, there is a special Tantra associated with the Peacock feathers, originating from none other than Shri Krishna himself. As per these texts, the Peacock was blessed by Krishna and as a result, it became a Satva Guni Symbol of love and auspiciousness.

A few years back, I had written an article on the unique paranormal powers and the benefit and uses of the Peacock feathers for resolving health and health related problems, like sexual problems and some paranormal problems, like Vastu Dosha. This article can be seen – Here.

There is another interesting paranormal Indian Tantra known as the Mayur Tantra involving the Peacock, which is said to increase money and wealth. Mayur is the Hindi name for the Peacock. Given below is the Tantra to increase money and wealth.

If someone comes across a Peacock accidentally, then he should pick up some of the mud from the spot where the Peacock was standing [ where the footprints of the Peacock are visible ]. This mud should be taken home, worshipped by offering it Dhoop/Deep, and then inserted inside a Silver Locket or a piece of Red Silk Cloth and placed, like a lucky money attraction charm in the place where money and valuables are kept.

There is no Mantra Sadhana or any other type of Puja-Vidhi involved other than the simple worship of offering Dhoop/Deep to the collected mud.

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  1. Guriji Pranam,

    Kindly guide me on the process of worship of Loard Shiva, as i was offering jaldhara to the shivlinga from a shankha, but somewhere i read that one should not offer jaldhara to shivling through a shankha. and hence i stop doing the same, am i right.

    Kindly provide your guidance.


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