Santan Ganesh Yantra

There is a specific Ganesh Yantra to gain progeny prescribed by some followers of Ganesha. As this is a sensitive subject, and only childless people know what they are going through, it is left entirely to them, whether to practice this Ganesh Yantra Sadhana or not as I am not in a position to guarantee it success or failure.

This particular Yantra Sadhana has to be performed for 81 days and can be commenced on any day. The simple Yantra shown in the image has to be prepared on a gold sheet of any size.

The practitioner has to keep this Yantra in front of him or her and chant any of their favored Ganesh Mantra 1001 times, using any kind of counting Mala for keeping track of the number of Mantra chants.

After completing the required Mantra chants, the practitioner has to make an offering of Jaggery and Kheer [Indian sweet pudding] to the Yantra.

After the completion of the 81 days Sadhana, the practitioner has to wear the Yantra around his neck, like a charm.

The Sadhana has to be practiced continuously for 81 days, the only exception being, take a break during the Monthly Cycle, if it is a woman who is performing the Sadhana.

A Yantra of Ganesha to gain Progeny
Santan Ganesh Yantra

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