Remedies for Husbands Extra-Marital Affairs

These are a couple of Indian Paranormal remedies for those women whose husbands are involved in extra-marital affairs. These are those remedies from the Tantra, which are free from any kind of Mantra Sadhana or a specific Puja-Vidhi or any other form of Tantric Sadhana. Both the remedies are independent of each other and the woman can practice any one or both of these remedies, as they are most simple to practice.

The remedy is extremely simple and has to be practiced on the night of any Sunday.  All that the woman whose husband is having an extra-marital affair has to do is to spread some of the Kumkum, which she uses everyday on the side of the bed in the bedroom, where her husband sleeps. In the morning the woman has to after having a bath pick up some of that Kumkum[Vermillion] from the bed and apply it in her Maang[the middle parting of the hair].  While applying the Kumkum in her Mang, the woman has to take the name of Parvati Mata.

The second remedy is to light a tablet of Kapoor [Camphor] in the bedroom before going to sleep at night.  This remedy can be practiced on any day and is to be practiced with complete faith just once.

There is also another paranormal remedy for the same problem, the woman has to write each letter of the name of the woman, with whom her husband is having an extra-marital affair on a Makhana Seed [an edible food grain called lotus seeds or foxnuts in English]. Then she has to burn to ash all the Makhana Seeds.

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  1. can you give shabri mantra for getting relief from any kind of illness

  2. Hypnotism is similar to vashikaran with the help of both we can controlanyone's ideas so you can contact to Top black magic specialist” Aghori Tantrik”.

  3. Sir can I use it on my brother as we don't want to hurt his wife about his extra marital affair.. As she is very soft hearted..she might harm herself.

    1. Surely you can practise these remedies to stop the love affairs of your brother.

  4. Sir
    My husband is away at present. He may leave me for the other woman.
    So the kumkum or camphor remedy cannot be done.
    The makhana remedy has to be done just once or repeated?
    And at what time?
    Thanks for an early reply
    It is very urgent

    1. The Makhana Totka should be performed only once with self-belief and confidence as described in the above article.

  5. Respected sir,

    Makhana remedy also has to be done on Sunday?

  6. Sir does the makhana totka has to be done on Sunday only or any other day and what is the process of burning the makhanas

    1. It can be practice on any day, the letters have to be written on the seeds as described in the post and then put in fire.


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