Kali Mata Darshan Mantra Sadhana

This is a most fearsome Kali Mantra Sadhana to have a Darshan or Sakshatkar of Kali Mata. Sakshatar means having the deity appear before you. At the outset, I must mention that this is an extremely fearsome experiment and only those advanced practitioners having nerves of steel should try to attempt the Kali Mata Darshan Sadhana as the Goddess appears in a most terrifying form, which is impossible for the ordinary person to behold.

The Sadhana is to be performed for 41 days at a stretch in a Smashan Bhoomi [Hindu Crematorium] or in any lonely and secluded place.  It has to be commenced every day after Midnight and the practitioner has to make sure that he is not disturbed and the Mantra Chanting interrupted by any one or any event.  During the course of these 41 days of Kali Sadhana, 125,000 Mantra Chants have to be completed.

The practitioner has to use a Rudraksha Mala for counting the Mantra Chants and offer Dhoop, Deep and Food items before commencing the Mantra Chanting.

On the last day, the practitioner has to offer Dhoop- Deep, Meat and Alcohol and cut the head of a goat doll prepared from the paste of Urad Dal, black gram or black lentil in English.

If successful in the experiment, Kali Mata will appear before the practitioner, the practitioner has to show great amount of courage, as the form in which Kali Mata will appear will be most frightening and terrifying. Then, Kali Mata will bless the practitioner and the practitioner can ask for any kind of boon from Kali Mata.

ॐ सिहों दत्तो बिकोवा धड़ीत धडधडात हमाम मान भवानी देत्या नाम देह नाशनम तोडयान्ती | सिरांसी रक्तां पिबन्वीत | घुटत घुट-घुटात घुटेयान्ती | पिशाच त्रीहाप त्रीहाप हसन्ती | खद्त खद खदात त्रीरोष मम भद्र काली नो नाथ, चोरासी सिध्दन के बीच में बैंठकर काली मंत्र स्वाहा |
Om Sihom Datto Bikovaa Dhadita Dhadadhadaata Hamaam Maan Bhavani Detyaa Naam Deha Naashanama Todayanti | Siraamsi Raktaam Pibanvita | Ghutata Ghuta-Ghutaata Ghuteyaanti | Pishaacha Trihaapa Trihaapa Hasanti | Khadata Khada Khadaata Trirosha Mama Bhadra Kali No Nath, Chourasi Sidhdana Ke Beecha Me Baithkaar Kali Mantra Swaha |

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  1. There are other simply Kali shabar mantra to call Kali maa please post them this is too long completing this in 41 days is very difficult

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. There are some Kali Mata Sadhanas already posted on this site, will try to post some more in the near future.

    2. Namaskar Gurujee.Thank you so much for your kind reply. I particularly asking about Shava Sadhana.Please kindly help me.If it is not publicly disclosable If you give permission I personal contact you or kindly refer any siddha Guru. My goal in life is to do this sadhana to see my Divine mother Kali maa .I wish Kalima bless you. Jai Kali Maa

  3. Sir plz tell which yentra and mantra sutable for me,
    My date of Birth 2 April 1981,Time 03:20am

  4. Guruji do u have a sadhana of goddess durga I want to talk to her

    1. It's very difficult process and boldness is required

  5. Neel sir no Kali ma will
    never frightened their devotees she is very kind and so good hearted once by mistake I recited may Kali mantra and was listening ganeshji song at the same time after that I went to sleep after few hours I got the dharshan of maa Kali and I was frightened then mas Kali touched my head and told me don't get frightened , maa asked me what do you want I was unable to speak after few seconds mas Kali disappeared that was a precious day in my life thank you jai maa


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