Improved Sexual Pleasure Responses in Future

Originally not all moderns had wanted improved stronger sexual pleasure responses developed and included for their newly produced young. Why? Because sexual pursuits can steal valuable time away from important needed activities.

While it seemed nice and cute to be able to give some new moderns improved fun pleasures, including stronger sexual pleasures, it was generally agreed it would be best for them to have easy ability to keep such responses often shut down, maybe even for months or longer. So while studying possible improvements, the human improved genetics R&D (research & development) experts had also considered how to conveniently let such improved responses be often kept mentally effectively shut down and blocked.

Achieving good mental self control over this was in fact quite easy. Animals had long been able to mentally block such responses at bad or unwanted times, or with unwanted individuals. Caresses from someone not liked well enough, or while in unsuitable situations, might even stir disgust, quite the opposite from and blocking well any then unwanted pleasure responses. (Similarly, being tickled by someone a child disliked might fail to win much giggly fun.) So such natural limits gradually convinced more moderns it was safe to have fresh produced new moderns given enhanced sexual pleasure options.

Thus more and more moderns eventually decided that granting fresh new young good enhanced pleasure response development options should be ok, including from tickled giggly fun now being cutely extended into adulthood, and also from gaining enhanced matured sexual pleasures. Some R&D experts thus kept expanding developed adult pleasure benefits capacities, to be enjoyed ever longer and deeper.

New moderns who did gain these improved pleasures developments eventually became a growing happy "fun branch" of new created moderns. Most of them rather liked having been developed to mature able to very strongly enjoy such enhanced enticing fun & pleasure options.

By now, past genetics experts, while selecting and improving from our past natural human genetic varieties, had found what could give some maturing young richer better pleasure responses from getting nicely fondly caressed. Also they had nicely been able to select, (also from some past purely natural genetic humans), what let some now usefully more easily mature with the best natural abilities to normally keep sexy responses suppressed and shut down, except when in good times for enjoying fine pleasures with a most favored fond sexy partner.

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