Mantra for fluency in speech

This is a mantra especially for those lacking in fluency in speech. There are a lot of people amongst us who in spite of having knowledge find it difficult to convert their thoughts in speech and express themselves.

The mantra given is a verse from the Shri Suktam; a Vedic composition dedicated to Laxmi. This mantra is said to not only grant fluency in speech; but also give Vacha Siddhi – One has mastery over speech and what one speaks comes true.

Since this mantra is dedicated towards Laxmi it is preferable to commence chanting it on any Friday on a Sthir Nakshatra [fixed constellation]. One can chant the Mantra for about 10 minutes.

Devotional Hindu Mantra for fluency in speech
Mantra for fluency in speech

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  1. Should this mantra be practised just ones on a friday of a fixed constellation or it should be done daily comencing on friday. Thank u

  2. Dear Sir,
    Do we have to chant daily or only once or only on every friday?

  3. Both of you; the Mantra is to be started on a Friday of a fixed constellation and then chanted daily for about 10 minutes

    1. Dear Sir,
      Will u please tell me if u know when is fixed constellation next coming as i am not able to find.

    2. Dear Neel Sir,
      If by mistake after starting, there occurs 1 day gap is it ok or we have to start again on Friday of Fixed Constellation?

    3. It does not matter if there is a gap; what is important is to start the Mantra Sadhana on a Fixed Constellation

    4. @ Thanks Neel Sir for the answer.

    5. Dear Neel Sir,
      In how much time we can get results of this mantra?

  4. Hi my daughter is 7 yrs old she is having a nasal speech and still the childish voice did not change for her.if she tell this mantra regular as she will talk clearly.plz let me.thank u.

    1. Chanting the Mantra will most certainly have an effect as it is a Vedic Composition.

    2. how to find out the day of fixed constelation

  5. Dear Neel Sir
    When the fixed constellation is next, have searched on Net but could not find. Today is friday if you please advice me for today or for the coming friday would be very much helpful.
    Thankyou in anticipation.

  6. How many times to chant this mantra to get complete mastery over speech or Vak Siddhi?


    1. After some days the practitioner will experience that his speech has become fluent, the mantra chanting should continue daily because only 10 minutes is prescribed.


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