Most Powerful Yantra for Marriage

Whether you are a boy or a girl of marriageable age, all you hope for is to get married at the right age and start your own family; as per the Indian culture and traditions. However many people find that their marriages are unnecessarily being delayed; this could be due to invisible and unknown reasons.

There is a unique and special Yantra, which acts as a most powerful charm to remove the delays in getting married. This Yantra has to be written with the paste of Kumkum [Vermillion] and Kesar [Saffron] on a pure white piece of cloth, using a pointed stick of the Guava Tree.

Then the Yantra has to be worshiped by offering it Incense. After this the Yantra has to be folded and inserted in a Silver Locket and tied with a Black Thread around the neck of the boy or girl who is finding it hard to get a match.

This amulet is even said to nullify any Kala Jadu [Black Magic] or Buri Nazar [Evil Eye] done by anyone; including a Tantrik or Black Magician.

a powerful charm to remove delay in getting married
\Most Powerful Yantra for Marriage

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  1. Dear Sir,
    Is this yantra useful for love marriage obligations?

  2. can we write it on a white piece of paper?

    And can we write it in red ink?

  3. Sir do we have mix water with kumkum n safferon to make paste

  4. A thick paste of kumkum and saffron has to be made using a little bit of water.The rest of the procedure and the benefits of the Yantra are mentioned in the post.

  5. Neel ji
    Meri sister ki marriage kay liye yeh upay karna chahti hun.. Kripya bataayein ki kya sab kuch ussey swayam hi karna hoga ya phir main sara procedure karke taabeez bana ke usko pehna sakti hun.. Dhanyewaad

  6. Hello Amit ji
    My niece needs to get married and my sister wants to know about this yantra.I was not able to read these numbers and letters. Could you please make it clear to me in english as I am not able read this please help me.
    Thank you

  7. Hello
    Can any one help me with this Yantra,Please I am not able to figure out what are the numbers and letters are in this Yantra.My sister is really worried about her daughter to get to get married. I would really appreciate if someone can help.

    1. The numbers and letters are in the Devanagari Script click on the image and you will see it more clearly; if yo do not understand and specific letter post here.

  8. Hello sir
    I searched for Devanagari Script and I could not figure out few things. What is the is the # far left under #8 and across the # 15 and top right corner.I could not figure out what numbers and letters are in the 4 triangles.I do not want to write them wrong so please can you make it clear to me I will really appreciate it.
    Thank you so much

    1. from the far left 8 and under it 6 then 15 and under it 3 Om. Right - 2 and under it 11 Hreem and 7 and under it 12.
      bottom left - 14 and under it 4 then Hum 9 and under it 5. Right - 8 Sah and under it 10 and 1 and under it 13.

  9. sir , is it necessary to wear it in silver locket ? or it can be kept near in pocket or purse ?

  10. Dear neelji

    Namaste I have been wearing thid for a very long time but no success. Please suggest something that will work quickly. Or some other charm which will help in the removing of obstacle. I'm very distressed. Please help. If I want to change the charm and make a new one then what do I do with the old one ?? Plase answer

  11. Dear Neel Sir,

    Any particular weekday or occasion you recommend to perform this prayog?

    Thanking you...

  12. Sir,

    Would this work for love marriage also?

    Regards and Pranaam

  13. This yantra is just amazing I have used it more than 5times and its have incredible results. Dhanyead neel ji...aadesh aadesh aadesh

  14. Is yantra ko dusre ke hath se banva sakte hai ya jiski shadi karni hai usiko hi banana hai yeh yantra

  15. Any particular day it must be worn? Please reply Neel ji


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