Mahalaxmi Mantra Sadhana for success

This is a Mahalaxmi Mantra Sadhana for success. This Sadhana is known to resolve all problems and hindrances; including money, wealth, health, business, domestic or enemy troubles, smoothly and on their own.

This Mantra Sadhana can be commenced on any day of the week at night. The Sadhana is preferably commenced after 9 PM. The Sadhak should have a bath wear clean clothes. Any kind of seat can be used to sit on. The Sadhak should face the North and keep a new piece of cloth in front of him.

He has to then arrange a pile of rice grains on the cloth, like a hill, with a peak. Then on the peak he has to keep a Coral Stone weighing 3 Rati. He should offer flowers and then light a Diya of Ghee and a couple of Agarbatti. Other than the rice grains and the Coral Stone, nothing else; including a photo or idol of Laxmi should be used. The Sadhak has to then concentrate on the Coral Stone and start chanting the mantra given here.

This Mahalaxmi Sadhana has to be done for 5 days and during this period a total of 125,000 chants of the mantra have to be completed. These chants can be divided into 5; that is 25,000 chants each day. This may sound stiff; but no success without hard work. During these 5 days the Sadhak has to abstain from sex, liquor and non-vegetarian foods.

Then on the sixth day the Coral Stone should be put in a gold or silver ring. This ring can be worn on any finger and there is no need to remove it while sleeping or going to the toilet. Even if you remove the ring for sometime, there will be no problems.

Mahalaxmi Mantra Sadhana for success and Money
Mahalaxmi Mantra Sadhana for success

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  1. hi there, i have sum doubts, 1- timing , if i start at nite 9pm then till what time i can continue doing japas. bcoz to complete 25000 japas i needs atleast 10-12( ie 2500-3000 japas/houe) hours in a day/nite. 2- is it compulsory to have 3 rati stone, if its more then 3 rati is it ok. 3- how can anyone wear a stone on 6th day when it takes time to make a ring( atleast 2-3 days minimum). so plzzz help me with this prb as soon as possible. bcoz i may start this sadhana tomm itself

  2. hi , is it possible to do this sadhana in day time( ie more then 12 hours ) , bcoz i get more time and i can easily complete 25000 japas per day. plz give info as soon as possible .

  3. Sir first thanks for this information
    I start this sadhana at navratri
    My confusion is my Rashi is libra if I wear coral stone is any harm full to me

    1. This Sadhana is specific to the coral stone and if completely correctly there should be no harm to anyone from the coral stone irrespective of the rashi.

  4. Hi Sir,

    Please clarify certain queries about this sadhana for me

    1.What if the coral is already placed into the ring ? Would it be possible to use the entire ring during the sadhana ?

    2.What if the coral is lesser than the weight of 3 Rati ? Would that be an issue ?

    3.And how long should the ring be worn after the completion of the sadhana ? Is it only on the sixth day or can it be worn for as long as I wish to ?

    Thank you

    1. A Coral Stone, which has not been put in a ring or a pendent should be used for this Mantra Sadhana.
      The weight should be as recommended in the post for best results.
      The ring can be worn as long as you want to use it.


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