Molecular Matrix Computers Implanted in Breasts

Implanted molecular matrix computers wouldn't be stiff nor hard. Some had recently been most carefully developed having some convenient soft flexibility. Likewise some body heat to electric energy converters. (Such flexibility had even been helpful for some recently formed special new robotic equipment. This could by now be improved even better.)

Females had a good place for molecular matrix computer implants at half the distance from the brain vs. the male belly, a place little used for much important beyond nursing babies. Primate female breasts were normally rather flat. Nursing young needed little breast volume. The larger mammary glands here produced milk, 2/3 of them being within merely 3cm of nipples in humans, (under a half finger length). Thus good sized computer implants here wouldn't significantly interfere with staying able to usefully nourish new infants.

Unlike about all other primates, for humans, evolution had been adding increasing breast volume, of little use except to sometimes help attract a possibly helpful male to perhaps more likely mate with such a female and enjoy lovingly helpfully staying long term with her, since there has been some parallel genetic evolution in maturing male behavior, attracting them more to human females endowed fuller here, as enticingly being obviously well matured, ready for human mating.

It was natural for our males to be somewhat attracted to breasts since they had evolved needing to start life nursing at them, thus from infancy being quite usefully attracted to darker areolae surrounded female nipples. Then, in our males, while maturing, this early attraction had been conveniently resumed and expanded, by evolution usefully sexually attracting them to matured reproductive females, as critically needed for most importantly perpetuating our species. (What else, other than possible attraction raising active interest from our more agressive more forceful male sex, makes viewing this darker place on our females so importantly special that nations around world have laws requiring that it must protectively be kept covered, hidden? In stark contrast, no one cared in the slightest about viewing such a place on any bare chested male!)

Our human result has been to slowly slightly increase the fraction of our new females inheriting more prominent breasts, who might thus catch extra male interest, to end up producing babies sometimes inheriting such slowly evolving human female matured development natures and male interest. (Might this explain why some with more stuck out breasts are evolved to have nipples even above their breast centers, thus being more in view to catch male attention, instead of merely hanging lower better for babies to suck? Maybe not. This may be nothing beyond simply an ordinary varied natural range in matured development.)

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